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Traction ATV

When you need to go places, over places and through places – traction is paramount. And Arctic Cat ATVs give you plenty of it. Articulation keeps all four wheels in constant contact with the ground. Even over rocks, logs and other big stuff you may encounter. Four wheels on the ground means better traction and an overall better ride. Hit the on-the-fly 2WD/4WD switch when you need to get out of nasty places. When you’re in even nastier places, push the switch up again and that engages the front differential lock

On-The-Fly 2WD/4WD


Power is delivered to both the rear and front tires via the open front differential. This allows the front tires to spin at different speeds, maintaining easy steering.


Power is distributed equally to all four tires, providing maximum traction to get through all types of challenging terrain..

Transmission Automatic Duramatic

Our Duramatic™ automatic transmission is as bulletproof as they come. It’s made of a centrifugal clutch with primary and driven belt clutches. As RPMs rise, the centrifugal clutch engages, allowing the primary clutch to be engaged with the belt at all times, reducing belt wear and extending belt life.

ATV Speedrack System

ATV owners covet our SpeedRack® system for its durability and simplicity. You have a huge choice of accessories. For a complete list, your bible is the 2014 Accessories and Arcticwear catalog.

Power Engine ATV

When we talk about things built right, right here — our H2 and H1 engines have to be at the forefront of the conversation. Built in St. Cloud, Minnesota, these two power plants display plenty of bicep. The H2 1000 V-Twin engine has 951cc of displacement. While the H1 in our 700, 550 and 450 machines displays plenty of ultrasmooth force as well. These engines are built with a Pentroof Hemispherical Combustion Chamber, which provides the power advantages of the hemispherical design plus the efficiency advantages of 4 valves per cylinder.

Prowler On-the-Fly 2WD/4WD with front differential lock

This is a manual system because purists prefer to be in control of when to shift into 4WD. With the flip of a switch, power is delivered to both the front wheels via the front differential. So steering remains light. When you need maximum traction, flip the switch again to lock the front differential. Power drives all four wheels equally. 

Versatility ATV Rack

When you’re looking to buy a Side by Side or ATV, versatility is huge. And Arctic Cat delivers. Check out the TRV’s 3-in-1 system. You can easily remove the passenger seat by just pulling two pins. Then add an accessory SpeedRack® or a heavy-duty cargo box. There’s also our SPEEDPoint™ system utilizing an easy-access, three-point attachment so you can add implements quickly.

Prowler Electronic Power Steering and Tilt Steering

Electronic power steering provides variable assist steering from the moment you turn the key. The system reduces the torque necessary to steer the HDX when changing direction with a loaded cargo box or when navigating tough obstacles. The 5-position tilt steering column lets you adjust the wheel either higher or lower.

FOX Float Rear Shocks Prowler

FOX FLOAT® air shocks let you pump the shocks up for big loads, then air them down for a smooth trail ride.

Storage Prowler

Get a load of this Prowler HDX side wheel well storage compartment. There’s another one on the other side too.  

Payload Prowler HDX

The HDX was voted the industry’s best heavy-duty Side by Side (700 HDX). The 2-in-1 cargo box hauls up to 450 kg / 1,000-lbs. It’s wide enough to fit a wooden pallet and converts to a flatbed in minutes.

Convert to flatbed

When you want to convert the cargo box to a flatbed, simply remove the sides of the cargo box and tailgate with the included tools. Yep. It’s that easy.

Bench Seat for three

What’s more hardworking than two seats? How about three seats? With the Prowler HDX 3-across bench seat, you can comfortably bring one more to help get the job done.

Prowler Engine

The Prowler® is defined by the robust H1 695cc engine featuring the Pentroof Hemispherical Combustion Chamber design boasting the performance advantages of 4 valves per cylinder.

TEAM Rapid Response Clutch

The rugged TEAM® Rapid Response™ clutch gets high marks. It’s lightweight, tough and designed to create minimal friction. But without a doubt the best thing about it is how effortlessly it transfers power.    

5-LINK Rear Suspension / FOX Podium

The 5-link rear suspension keeps the maximum tire patch on the ground by creating 18 inches of rear suspension travel. FOX® Podium shocks with 23-position compression adjustment let you dial in your ride.

13'' Ground Clearance

The limits of articulation are stretched even further with 13" of ground clearance. Rocks, logs, even downed trees are there for your climbing enjoyment.

18'' Rear Suspension Travel

Our theory is this: give ’em tons of suspension travel and they will find a way to use it. Industry-leading 18" of travel allows you to hit the sand dunes at your own dominating pace.

FOX Podium Shocks

Adjustable FOX Podium shocks featuring 23-position compression adjustments provide a more precisely tuned ride resulting in superior handling.

Fox Podium Shocks with Compression Adjust and Swaybar

All-new adjustable Fox Podium shocks with 23-position compression adjustment for a more precisely tuned ride and superior handling. Why taste the dust of others, when you can taste victory. The new sway bar helps control body roll which provides you with better handling in the corners.


Maxxis Bighorn Tires

Maxxis® Bighorn tires with their wide footprint, excellent shock absorption and large shoulder lugs provide great traction on all types of terrain. In deep sand these tires make you feel right at home. Standard on X models. 

1000 H.O. Engine - Wildcat X

The 951cc, H2, liquid-cooled V-twin EFI engine is a torque monster. The race-tuned motor on X models ups your output to 90+ horsepower. The Wildcat power plant features a Pentroof Hemispherical Combustion Chamber. The design features 4 valves per cylinder, the key to creating more efficient combustion. There’s also a 2-into-1 tuned ceramic-coated exhaust and an air-intake system with 50mm throttle body.

Diesel - Large Speedrack (3in1)

The great thing about these large SpeedRacks, aside from being extremely strong and durable, is the speed installation and removal of a wide variety of accessories with no tools. Also you get 3-in-1 versatility. Pull two pins and you can change the SpeedRack to an accessory You can find all the assential SpeedRack accessories in our Accessories catalog.

Super Duty Diesel 700 Engine

The word “diesel” is synonymous with all things tough. This bruising 686cc, 2-valve inline twin diesel engine runs on six different types of fuel: DF1, DF2, DF-Arctic, JP5, JP8 and Biodiesel (see Owners Manual).

Speedrack System

Our strong, durable SpeedRacks allow for speedy installation and removal of a wide variety of accessories with no tools. Rack baskets. Cargo boxes. Carryalls. You can find all the essential SpeedRack accessories under the category "Parts & Accessories.

50 Inches (127 cm) Wide

Access to the narrower ends of the earth are off-limits to big Side by Sides. So we went to work on our measurements. The all new Wildcat Trail is 64.3 inches low, 110.5 inches long, 50 inches wide. Time to grab the trail by the steering wheel.

60-Plus Horsepower Twin Cylinder EFI Engine

This all-new Arctic Cat-designed 700 inline twin features EFI, 4 valves per cylinder and liquid cooling. This next-generation 60-plus horsepower engine (compared with the competition’s 53 HP) was designed specifically for the Wildcat Trail chassis. At 6.2 HP/100 lbs power-to-weight ratio, the Wildcat Trail dusts the under-powered competition in every drag race.

Wildcat Double A-Arm Suspension

Big power requires a suspension to match. The Wildcat Trail and Trail XT models get double a-arms front and rear sporting top quality FOX shocks all the way around.

FOX Nitrogen Charged Shocks

These are premium FOX® nitrogen gas-charged shocks engineered to smooth out the roughest trails and straighten out the sharpest turns.

Carlisle Trail Pro Tires & Aluminum Wheels

Not just any tire/wheel combo will do. 12” rims sport rugged 4-ply, Carlisle Trail Pro tires, designed exclusively for the Wildcat Trail.

300-lb. Capacity Rear Cargo Box

The Wildcat™ Trail will take you places far and wide. Often you’ll need to bring supplies. The rear cargo box carries up to 300-lbs. So don’t hesitate to load it up for the long haul.

Rear Storage Compartment

No one ever complained of too much storage. This 5,5 lt. / 1.44 gallon rear storage compartment is a much-appreciated addition. Plus it’s waterproofed. And of course you can open easily also when the licence plate is installed.

Improved Ergonomics

It isn’t a stretch to make tight turns. The new handlebar configuration combined with the new chassis design means your ATV is easier to maneuver. You control the machine — never the other way around.

LED front lights

State of the Art. It combinates high quality materials with future technology. These LED headlamps light the trail when the sun goes off duty.

Power sport Digital gauge

The new design features an all-new instrument hood housing the Power Sport gauge borrowed from the Wildcat Trail. Functions include: RPMs, mph/kph, trip mileage, gear indicator, digital clock and fuel indicator.

New rims - 2015

They’re light as cast aluminum can be. We think these one-piece, double-spoke rims will muster a big, wide Arctic Cat grin.

Electronic power steering / tilt steering

EPS delivers a true variable assist system by measuring not only vehicle speed, but also steering torque at both the handlebars and wheels. The electronic control unit measures steering input forces, resistance and speed, instructing the motor to deliver turning forces at predetermined levels. And let’s not forget tilt steering, allowing you to adjust the steering wheel higher or lower, however you want.

300-LB. Capacity Rear Cargo Box

The Wildcat™ Sport will take you places far and wide. Often you’ll need to bring supplies. The rear cargo box carries up to 300-lbs. So don’t hesitate to load it up for the long haul.

Infinitely Adjustable Tilt Steering

Our adjustable tilt steering allows the rider to put the steering wheel exactly where they want to provide the most comfort and confidence.

Brakes Wildcat Sport

The 60+ horsepower is sure to get off the line quick, while the hydraulic disc brakes give you the stopping power to match.

Tech Specs





          Type Approval

            Towing / Hauling

              Additional Specs

                Parts & Accessories

                Handguards Sport

                - Protect hands from brush and debris with rugged, contoured plastic
                - Includes mounting brackets
                - Only mountable without EU-mirrors

                '04-'13 500 - 1000cc (full size Model)

                1436-644: White
                1436-646: Red
                1436-375: Black

                Tire Chains

                - Gives maximum traction on snow and ice
                - Made from hardened steel with a grippy V-bar design
                - Easy-attach, secure, solid fit
                - Two sizes available
                - Sold in pairs; for use on rear tires only


                0436-026: Size B (fits most-24-in. & 25-in. rear tires)

                0436-027: Size C (fits most-25-in. & 26-in. rear tires)

                Deluxe Handle Bar/Thumb Warmers - ATV

                - All the features of the Standard Handlebar/ Thumb Warmers plus a od-mounted, three‑position rocker switch and easy-install wiring
                - Requires Grip-It Glue (0441-510)


                1436-271: ATV 350 - 1000 FIS & TRV

                Bucket Hugger - ATV

                - Contoured to securely hold two 19 lt. / 5-gallon buckets (not included)
                - Convenient tool space between buckets
                - Rugged, dual-walled polypropylene construction
                - Rear SpeedRack mount only

                0436-651: '05-'13 Speedrack Models (rear mount only)

                Zipperless Black Rack Bags - ATV

                - Aluminum inner frame and compression-molded lid
                - Stretch cords on top provide added cargo capacity
                - Convenient carrying handle
                - No zipper to attract mud or dirt


                1436-511: front, 500 - 1000 FIS & TRV
                1436-577: rear, 500 - 1000 FIS (excl. TRV)

                Speedrack-Mounted Sprayer

                - Reliable 1,8-GPM Shurflo pump with liquid-filled gauge
                - 68 lt. / 18-gal., low-profile contoured tank
                - 305cm hose and hand sprayer included
                - Built-in manifold system allows quick additions of the SpeedRack sprayer boom
                - Rear mount only

                »Deluxe Quick Attach« Plow Kit

                - Frame & Mounting “Quick-Attach”
                - 152cm Yellow Blade
                - End Plates
                - Edge Markers
                - 152cm Deflector


                AC010-077: 500 - 100 (excl. Prowler & Wildcat


                Deluxe SpeedRack Rack Kits - ATV
                - Built-in entry points offer more versatile mounting of perimeter accessories
                - Upgrade your production SpeedRack to heavy-duty 25mm tubing

                F10 - FRONT:
                1436-124: 500 - 1000 FIS & TRV

                F12 - REAR:
                1436-125: 500 - 1000 FIS (excl. TRV)

                Hand Guards - DVX

                Protect hands from brush and debris with rugged, contoured plastic
                -Includes mounting brackets
                -Only mountable without EU-mirrors


                0436-420: lime
                0436-721: red
                0436-722: black

                Battery Maintainer

                - The ideal maintenance charger for 12-volt batteries
                - Fully automatic for charging and maintenance
                - Takes its own readings and begins to charge
                - Once finished charging, it will switch to a maintenance phase
                - Features a patented method for reconditioning sulfated batteries
                - Spark free, making connection safer and easier
                - Extends battery life
                - 12V, 800mA

                Trailerable Cover DVX

                • Water-resistant, urethane-coated cover protects your DVX while trailering
                • Heavy-duty straps keep cover secure on the trailer

                0436-685: 300 - 400 DVX

                Hand Guards - ATV

                - Protect hands from brush and debris with rugged, contoured plastic
                - Includes mounting brackets
                - Only mountable without EU-mirrors

                '04-'13 350 - 1000 Models (excl. XC 450)

                0436-532: Marsh
                0436-505: Black
                0436-533: Red
                0436-534: Lime Green

                Handle Bar Warmer

                Standard Handle Bar/Thumb Warmers - ATV
                - Offers all-day warmth to hands and thumbs
                - Easy-to-install kit with three-position (high/low/off) toggle switch
                - Secure molded connectors and replacement grips
                - Requires Grip-It Glue (0441-510)


                0436-352: ATV 350 - 1000 FIS & TRV

                Bumper front

                - Protects grill, rack and lights from brush and debris
                - Contoured to fit the front of your Arctic Cat ATV
                - Durable protection with rust-inhibiting, powder-coated steel
                - Withstands abuse with a burly, heavy-duty 1 1/2-in. center‑tube section
                - Ideal for use with Arctic Cat winch kits
                - See dealer for additional applications
                - use brushguard bumpers only off road


                1436-031: '10-'13 500-1000 with standard rack
                0436-619: 500 - 100 with speedrack
                1436-446: 350, 425, 450 (excl. XC 450)
                1436-189: 400 2x4 / 4x4 (366)

                Storage Cover - ATV

                - Wards off sun, moisture and dust with urethane-coated, 150-denier polyester
                - Snug, custom fit from elastic stretch cords
                - Not for trailering

                1436-088: 250 - 450, XC 450
                1436-248: TRV
                1436-263: TRV with windshields / Cruiser Models
                1436-089: TBX / Diesel
                1436-087: 500 - 1000 (excl. TRV / TBX)

                »Deluxe« Plow Kit - ATV

                - Frame & Mounting “Standard”
                - Yellow Blade (127 or 152cm depending on kit)
                - End Plates
                - Edge Markers
                - Deflector (127 or 152cm depending on kit)


                AC010-002: Kit eqiped with 152cm blades & deflectors

                500 - 1000 (excl. Prowler & Wildcat)


                AC010-002: Kit eqiped with 127cm blades & deflectors

                350, 400 2x4 / 4x4, 425, 450 (excl. XC 450)


                AC010-140: Kit eqiped with 127cm blades & deflectors, winch & winch carrier & mounting material

                XC 450

                Rack Extensions - ATV 400

                - Maximizes rack capacity by adding 4
                - Rattle-free, protective tube bumpers
                - Added strength from the four-point attachment

                1436-157: 400 2x4 / 4x4 (366)

                1436-158: 400 2x4 / 4x4 (366)

                Box Enclosure - Prowler

                - Sturdy aluminum framework and canvas construction easily mounts to the rear cargo box
                - Front and rear see-thru windows with zippered rear access
                - Lays down when not in use


                1436-102: '06-'13 Prowler (excl. HDX)

                Fender Flare Kit - Prowler

                - Adds up to 2 in. of extra coverage
                - Scratch-resistant, textured polyethylene

                1436-273: '10-'13 Prowler (fits HDX front only)

                Bimini Top - Wildcat

                - Blocks the glaring sun
                - Easily tightens with strap adjustment
                - New 9-oz. heavy series 70 Surlast™ fabric
                - Access to the whip flag mount (0436-014, whip flag, sold separately)

                1436-731: '12-'13 Wildcat

                Trunk Bag - Wildcat

                - Zipperless bag
                - Lightweight aluminum tube framework
                - Top composed of heavy-duty 18-oz. PVC-coated polyester material


                1436-737: '12-'13 Wildcat

                Fuel Can Holder - Wildcat

                - Steel construction for strength and durability
                - Mounting location frees up rear storage area
                - Fits fuel cans with base dimensions of 28x19cm
                - Fits Scepter brand 10 lt. / 2.5-gal. fuel can (Scepter #07378)

                1436-774: '12-'13 Wildcat

                TRV Box

                - Adds a pickup-style box to TRV or Diesel models by using a few quick-attach pins
                - Easy-loading, flip tailgate
                - Side rails help prevent load from falling out
                - NOTE: ’09-’13 models require removal of rear rack cover for installation

                0436-827: '06-'13 TRV & Diesel

                Saddle Bags

                TRV Saddle Bags
                - Durable, UV‑stable vinyl bag won’t break down in sunlight
                - Lightweight with carbonfiber pattern
                - Lends ample storage, even with two riders

                1436-262: '06-'13 TRV

                Econo Sprayer

                - Large 75 lt. / 20-gallon capacity
                - Spot sprayer with .9-GPM pump and built-in switch
                - 457cm hose with lightweight wand for extended reach
                - Universal fit requires two Ratchet Tie-Downs (0436‑999)

                TRV Seat Bag

                - Add to TRV Limited or Cruiser when the cargo box is removed
                - Adds carrying capacity on a TRV
                - Easy-access, inside storage compartments
                - Highly visible, reflective Aircat logo and carbon fiber vinyl pattern
                - Quickly attaches over passenger seat

                1436-306: '09-'13 TRV

                Windpro™ Windshield System - ATV

                - Removable in 10 seconds, no tools necessary
                - Dashboard includes:
                - Built-in beverage holder, flashlight holder with flashlight
                - Surface for mounting GPS or cell phone
                - Dual mirrors (not e-marked)
                - Durable, injection-molded HDPE
                - Convenient quick-release feature
                - Two-piece windshield; windshield can be removed and dashboard can still be used
                - Dust-management system
                - Accommodates 4-LED Light Kit (1436-412)
                -Includes Quick-Attach System
                -Only mountable without EU-mirrors

                500- 1000 FIS & TRV

                1436-688: Black Metallic
                0505-667: Tungsten Metallic
                1436-541: Steel Blue
                0505-669: Viper Blue
                0505-617: Green Metallic
                1436-542: Desert Red
                0505-562: Sunset Orange

                Molded Rack Tray - ATV

                - Lightweight, quick-install front tray
                - Provides generous cargo space for bulky items including chainsaws
                - Can be used with Arctic Cat windshields
                - Includes template for creating custom dividers

                1436-381: '08-'13 speedrack models (front mount only)


                ilustrated parts manual

                When you need to go places, over places and through places – traction is paramount. And Arctic Cat ATVs give you plenty of it. Articulation keeps all four wheels in constant contact with the ground.



                Formulated for You and Your Cat

                Arctic Cat ATV oils are wet clutch certified - formulated specifically for ATV use, UNLIKE automotive motor oils.