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Expo Agralim

Use our ATVs as agricultural machinery!

The Romanian distributor ASP Group East SRL, exposed a 700 TRV XT, a 1000 TRV XT and a Prowler 700 HDX at the fair in Romania.

The Expo Agralim, took place in Iasi Romania from the 18-21.09.2014 and was a great success!

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Hungarian Baja

The Hungarian Baja 2014 is part of the European Championship!

The Czech riding Team "VIPE Team" ( participated on the Hungarian Baja during the 14. - 16. of August 2014.

VIPE Team was sponsored by our Czech Arctic Cat Distributor "ASP Group"! 


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Arctic Cat proudly presents their new partner for Argentina

Corven Motorcycles and Arctic Cat presented their Productive and Commercial alliance.
Published August 15, 2014

In an experiment conducted at the Arawak Automotive Faciliites, Corven Motorcycles, Argentina's fastest growing company in the field of motor-vehicle production in the last 5 years, presented its productive and commercial agreement with Arctic Cat Inc a leading producer of all-terrain vehicles high performance, with a presence in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia American company. Arctic Cat is among the most recognized brands in the world in off road vehicles, and is a leader in the United States and Canada in the production of snowmobiles, and is also a leader in the world of racing.  Corven announced that in addition to its renowned line of motorcycles, new quads and side by sides from Arctic Cat. This event was convened by the Director of International Business Arctic Cat Inc., Erik Nelson, who traveled from the United States to join the launch in Argentina. Also present were the most representative of the auto industry, along Corven Motorcycle staff and more than 180 news media, who accompanied the President of Iraola Group, Leandro Iraola. For this occasion, the Arawak was conditioned complex for the presentation of the full range of Arctic Cat ATVs, static display of all models and a test track specially prepared to demonstrate its dynamic qualities and capabilities off Road. 10 different models, representing different categories were presented. Side by side X Wildcat Wildcat Trail Sport ATV DVX 300 ATV Recreation 300 500XT 700 XT ATV Recreation Limited 1000 2 UP TRV TRV 700 XT Limited Atv 1000 MUD PRO 700 Limited Competition With this launch, Corven Bikes offers a full line of all-terrain vehicles high performance, designed to satisfy the most demanding users, from the enthusiast interested in the world Off Road, to the lover end professional Off Road. Note that Corven Motorcycles Argentina SA born in June 2007, the result of an investment of domestic capital fully. Heiress of industrial experience Corven Automotive and its high quality standards, Corven Motorcycles has maintained since birth sustainable developments, doubling year after year its output. What was initially a goal, today is a reality, and Corven Motorcycle has become one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of motorcycles within the Argentine market sector. Meanwhile, Arctic Cat Inc. is a leading manufacturer of ATVs in the United States. Located in the state of Minnesota, produces a full line of vehicles, from Side by side, ATVs and Snowmobiles. Arctic Cat vehicles possess superior technology and quality worldwide and are specifically designed for maximum performance, safety and performance in all types of terrain. In 2014, Argentina SA Corven Motorcycles and Arctic Cat Inc. sign agreement technology, production and trade, whereby Corven Motorcycles was established as the exclusive representative of Arctic Cat products in Argentina. Since then, Corven Motorcycles has expanded and re-equipped its Industrial Center located in the city of Deer Eye, Santa Fe, and Administrative and Logistic Center on Highway 41 Km West, Province of Buenos Aires, to distribute products Arctic Cat, and to provide all its customers excellent service, with regard to the administrative staff, and the supply of parts and accessories for the whole country. Furthermore, Corven Motorcycles has a wide network of representatives throughout the country, with highly trained staff to provide the best advice when buying a vehicle Arctic Cat. Reportedly, Corven Arctic Cat Motorcycles and place particular emphasis on the after -sale of all its products, and therefore have implemented a policy of continuous training for mechanics, while constantly working to raise the standards of quality and level of technical equipment of the workshops attached. It was also noted that in parallel Corven Motorcycles continually invests in expanding its network of local service and sales of spare parts to ensure distribution country full range of genuine parts and accessories Arctic Cat level

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